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If you love Zambian (Zed) music this is your one stop ~ear candy~ destination featuring Fire burning Coppertone caramelized new & old Afro-pop, RnB, Hip-hop, Traditional, Soul, Gospel, Folk music & mash-up remixes. Music is nothing without context, stories, images and therefore, we strive to integrate and share as much content as possible about the music we are playing, presenting it in new ways with background stories, captivating afro-Zed visuals and flavor.

Our priority and commitment is show casing 95% of Zambian sounds and 5% global music through connecting existing communities in Zambia and around the world. Most of our content is exclusive and generated through this unique and ever-growing international network of creative minds (artists, musicians, producers, DJ’s and so forth).

Zambezi Online Radio (ZOR) has loads to offer from our North American studios in Indianapolis and New York cities. We promise our listeners warm, fire~mulilo & fun ultimate Zambian experience through intimate and exciting presentation of shows, programming featuring cultural heritage supremo, local events including  the consummate  entertainment with Live broadcasts, Podcast, Face book updates, Comedy, Hot talk shows, Celeb interviews and superb weekly  musical count downs.

Crank up your speakers & cool or warm your ears. Don’t touch that mouse/keypad~keep browsing the net & bop to Zed sounds!